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Complaints Handling Software that promotes lessons learned.

NHS complaints are a delicate subject; it seems unfair to suggest that dedicated carers and hard pressed medical staff may give rise for complaint. But the enlightened recognise complaints as a source of information on how and where improvements can be made.  They also see that timely, appropriate responses both improve service levels and keep the cost of handling complaints under control. 

Workpro complaints management software will help you to comply with regulator guidance on managing complaints, (e.g. NHS Scotland “Can I Help You”):

  • Record all complaints, feedback and concerns
  • Follow agreed procedure consistently
  • Adher to regulator response and investigation timelines
  • Categorise and collate data to meet management and legislative reporting requirements
  • Analyse trend and root cause data so that appropriate steps can be taken to improve services
  • Promote transparency and accountability with better case visibility and audit trails.

Applying lessons learned from complaints and feedback can make a huge difference to patients and carers, and the future care they receive.

'Complaints provide an opportunity for learning and improvements and should be embraced at all levels of the organisation from the Board to the frontline.'

Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, Report 2015.