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Take Control Of Your Complaint Management Process

Private and social landlords are under pressure to deliver fair and consistent outcomes. Tenant complaints are at an all time high, and regulators are increasingly willing to name and shame organisations that fail to demonstrate good governance.

Workpro empowers you to build a robust and fair complaint handling process that facilitates good outcomes – and ensures full compliance with the guidelines set out by the Housing Ombudsman and other regulators.

Equipped with user-friendly dashboards, clear complaint workflows, automated templates and a suite of powerful reporting tools, our software gives you complete visibility and control over every aspect of the process.



"Workpro empowers us to do the things we need to do as an organisation and as individuals. It mirrors our approach to casework. You are free to use your own initiative, while keeping to the things that have to be done. "



"The Workpro team supported us to make our system as straightforward and simple to use as it can be, yet flexible enough to adapt to our changing business needs."



"Our staff tell us the system is more usable and more accessible, more powerful than systems they've used in the past."

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"Workpro is easy for our team to navigate. The product is also highly customizable, allowing us to reflect how we want our workflows to operate within the system."


Smart complaints handling

Configurable software that supports your processes

Streamline your complaint handling process

Enable your team to manage complaints more efficiently, and deliver better outcomes. Workpro provides a suite of customisable tools that are designed to guide staff through your complaints process – ensuring that all responses are timely, fair and appropriate. 

Ensure regulatory compliance

Powerful reporting and auditing tools ensure that you can stay top of your regulatory duties – and evidence principled complaint handling in line with housing industry best practices.  Workpro is also fully GDPR compliant, and handles data in accordance with all relevant data protection legislation.

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Build a more robust complaints culture

Every complaint presents an opportunity to learn from mistakes and improve frontline services. Workpro facilitates this process by categorising and collating all complaint data - making it easy to spot trends and drill down to uncover the root cause of persistent issues that generate a high volume of tenant complaints.

Putting you in control

Workpro can be customised to suit the specific needs of your business. Every workflow, template, dashboard and report can be tweaked to suit your needs. Assign cases and tasks for optimal resource utilisation, restrict access to sensitive data, and track exactly who is doing what, wherever your staff may be working.

Complaints Management Software

Benefits at a glance

  • Complete control of every stage
  • Fair and consistent, every time
  • User-friendly and easy to integrate
  • Streamline your complaints process
  • Improve productivity and reporting
  • Demonstrate good governance
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An all-in-one solution

Key Features

  • Three-stage complaints workflow
  • Targets and alerts set to match your KPIs
  • Templates starter pack for creating letters and emails
  • Standard reports library
  • GDPR-compliant information requests
  • All customisable and extendable
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Clear and intuitive software

Workpro's key features

Ditch cumbersome spreadsheets and shared mailboxes for a system that gives you control of your complaints management process.

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