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Optimise your complaint handling and maximise the value of customer feedback.

Workpro complaints management software supports organisations in dealing with customer complaints more effectively and consistently.

A well handled complaint is an invaluable opportunity to turn an unhappy customer in to a loyal one.

Workpro speeds up your process for resolving complaints, and helps you use that valuable feedback to make your products and services better.

Learn From Complaints
Workpro provides invaluable management information. By analysing complaints and their root causes you can learn from them, then make improvements to products and services.

Do More With Less
Workpro will help you manage increasing complaint volumes, while ensuring compliance with regulation. Improving staff productivity, it reduces time and cost in resolving complaints.  

Be Fair, Be Consistent
Workpro guides staff through a best practice complaint handling process so every customer is handled in a consistent, fair manner. It ensures procedures are correctly followed and timescales met. 

Be In Control, Minimise Risk
Workload and performance management tools keep cases on track and ensure everyone knows exactly what needs to be done, when and by whom. Everything is kept in one place - all stored, secure and searchable.

A whitepaper on "Why recording complaints is not the same as managing complaints" is available in the Resources section of this website. Click here.