Key Considerations When Utilising Technology For Complaints Management

You may have already read the first two blogs in our UKSCI series. These pulled out key information from the UK Customer Satisfaction Index to illustrate how complaints handling affects customer satisfaction and how you can improve the complaints management process within your business. A main point that these discussed was how a complaints management system transforms the way you deal with customer complaints.

Portrait of a smiling customer service representative with an afro at the computer using headset

The UKSCI Jan 2023 report shows that investing in ways to improve customer experience is fundamental:

“All aspects of customer experience – efficiency in transactional experiences, problem-solving, innovation, ethical standards, and impact, and genuinely focusing on customers’ personal needs – are interlinked and require focus. The leading organisations know this and will continue to invest as a business imperative.” UKCSI report 2023

Nevertheless, we know that implementing new technology can be daunting. That’s why we’ve pulled out some key considerations to review when implementing new technology into your process.

Dealing with a “real person” while utilizing technology

The UKCSI report uncovered that the biggest fear for many customers when dealing with an organisation was not being able to speak to a person when they needed to.

“Technology can enable significant benefits in business performance, cost savings and customer experience, especially in back office processes, analytics and routine transactions. But there is a risk that organisations sometimes overestimate the capacity of digital technologies to deal effectively with the variety of customer experiences and personal situations. Technology deployment in a service context is usually most successful when it is underpinned by a clear customer service purpose and complements, rather than replaces, human intervention.” UKCSI report 2023

Workpro is mindful of the intersection between the positives which result from new technology (such as increased efficiency and adherence to policy) and the risk that a person-centred approach may be replaced. This is why we concentrate on developing “considerate automation” - technology solutions that remember the person at the centre.

Complaints management software reduces the workload and stress for the employee(s) involved in handling a complaint, which ultimately enhances staff well-being. This is achieved by having a centralised system to remove duplication and save time searching for relevant documents. Workflow technology can also guide staff along pre-agreed steps, giving peace of mind that your business procedures are followed consistently. This allows staff more time to focus on the individual at the heart of a complaint. These gains in productivity also benefit the customer who receives the customer service they expect in a timely and considerate manner. If you'd like to learn more, take a look at our blog which discusses the key features a complaints management system should have to best optimise your processes.

Consider how you manage vulnerable customers

The UKCSI report demonstrates a growing polarisation between customers who are financially secure and those who are more worried about their finances. It is important to ensure that your complaint-handling processes are fair and consistent to all customers looking to access your service. The implementation of complaint management software can help with this as it provides a consistent framework with an agreed process for handling complaints.

It is important to remember that some customers may be unable to access digital channels due to a disability, health condition, lack of financial resources or a lack of technological skills. It is important that businesses ensure they keep other channels of communication open so that these customers are still able to access the services they need. This may involve providing a phone number and e-mail address along with an online form for complaints. Where relevant, this may also include a physical branch and/or an office address.

Find creative ways to connect with your customers

Making sure to bear in mind our previous point, we are seeing companies starting to think about creative solutions to make customers’ digital access more productive. One such solution is Workpro Connect, our interactive portal which links external users with caseworkers. It provides a secure, self-service portal where customers can view and submit their cases, and easily provide the information caseworkers need to deliver responsive service.

You can see this in action and read the more details in our case study


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