Is there a better solution to track HR cases than spreadsheets? Yes!

Is there a better solution to track HR cases than spreadsheets? Yes!

Is there a better solution to track HR cases than spreadsheets? The simple answer is yes! Following on from the interest at Workpro’s exhibition stand at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition we take a deep dive into how case management systems are the best solution for handling complex HR cases, helping you to forget those spreadsheets once and for all!

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Simon Laxton, Workpro Business relationship manager, at the CIPD ACE

Workpro were pleased to exhibit at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition in Manchester. While there, we connected with multiple HR professionals all looking to improve the way their teams operated. A common theme which stood out to us was that most of these individuals were using spreadsheets to manage complex HR cases. This involves a lot of manual input and means that e-mails and folders need to be trawled through to find relevant documentation, causing large issues when there were staff turnovers or absences. It was apparent that spreadsheets were often prone to data entry errors and that formulas and drop-down options could break causing untimely delays. It’s also often cited as a difficult and time-consuming task to trawl through spreadsheets to extract reporting data and to see the current state of play with open cases and what next actions are due and when.

One key theme of the conference was identifying and implementing new solutions for the new challenges that have appeared in recent years. We are living through challenging economic times in the UK off the back of a difficult few years through the global Covid-19 pandemic. It is more important than ever that the HR profession are there to support staff through personal and professional challenges, which can be difficult if they are bogged down by outdated and inappropriate ways of working.

There is a better way! Using a HR case management system like Workpro can remove the problems found in spreadsheets while offering extra benefits to help ensure cases are dealt with efficiently and fairly:

  • Keep all the details, documentation and e-mails associated with a case in one place making it easy to locate for all HR users
  • Handy alerts and reminders ensure that cases can be prioritised appropriately and that individual memories are not solely relied upon for updates
  • Data analytics tools allow HR teams to deep dive into data, determine root causes and take appropriate actions
  • Designed to be compliant with the Data Protection Act, built-in tools ensure policies, procedures and the law are followed correctly every time

We’ve written before about how a case management system can help you forget spreadsheets, you can read more in our previous blog or take a look at this handy guide that compares HR software vs. spreadsheets. Overall, implementing a case management system improves efficiency and reliability which has positive benefits for HR teams, employees and the company.

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