Meet Workpro's Project Team Lead, Farhat Sameja

Meet Workpro's Project Team Lead, Farhat Sameja

Could you start off by telling me a little bit about what jobs you've had before and what's got you to this point in your career?

I started off as a Graduate Project Manager for an engineering company. I did a couple of roles in that industry, but then, I decided I didn't want to be in the engineering environment and I wanted to go into applications and software. I had more of an interest in IT, I'm more tech-savvy. I love technology and love adapting to change. So, I moved on and became an IT Project Manager.

I did my first degree in tourism management and then I wanted to do my master's because I loved the theoretical side of everything. I was drawn into project management because it's so broad that it can be applied in any kind of organisation for anything.


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You've worked across engineering and then into computer applications, these tend to be male-dominated industries. How have you found working in that environment?

I like it. It is male-dominant, but it's also not, because there are female workers as well. When I first got my graduate project manager role, in the office, there were 56 people and 6 of them were females. Plus, there were only a couple that were in the engineering function. I remember once I went into a meeting that was full of 20 men, and I was the only female there, and I’m short as well! You do feel not as confident. But going into those meetings more and more, I felt more confident that I could speak up because, at the end of the day, they’re still human.

I previously worked as a STEM ambassador within my organisation. I was proud to be in project management, I was proud to be working in a firm where there are not a lot of females because to be one of those females is an achievement in itself. I enjoyed the engagement of the role like when you got to do activities with students. We wanted to help students because some of them don't know what they're doing or what they want to do, and if it's leading to something that they didn't know existed, it's always a benefit. I will see it as something positive.


You’re now here in a newly created role, as a Project Team Lead at Workpro. What was it about working with Workpro that appealed to you?

It was the role itself – at Workpro I am Project Team Lead – it is a step up from being a project manager. I’m going to be starting to build processes in project management. Currently, there is a process but it’s not as structured as we’d like it to be and it's not written down somewhere. I’ll also be looking at how projects are already maintained and improving them so that they become more efficient for us and our customers.

I think one good thing that I can bring into the role is that previously when I've done implementations, I've always been the customer. So working in this role I'll know what our customer is expecting and how best to do an implementation with them.

I want more responsibility and I want to stay at Workpro and work my way up. I want to grow in the role and I want to grow in the organisation. It's not a contract, which is what I've done previously - now it's permanent. I know this organisation will give me that. I've not been here that long (I think this is my third week!) but from what I've gathered Workpro has a family culture, which is what I really like. You can be yourself and that’s what I have been so far, that's when I know that I'm confident in an organisation.


Is there anything that you really enjoy doing in your spare time so we can learn a little bit more about you as a person?

I love travelling - I go on at least six holidays a year! That is one thing that I'll always enjoy, meeting new people and seeing new cultures. The last time I went away was in February and I went to Egypt and the next place I'm going is to Florida at the end of April. That will be my first time going to America. I've been to Africa, Asia, and Australia but now America will be something completely new.

I also love playing on Nintendo! That's one thing I do every night, I will play Nintendo Wii – Mario kart - no matter what happens.


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