Managing HR casework remotely, beyond Covid-19

The transition to remote working is the second biggest issue on HR department minds right now – with the health and wellbeing of employees understandably first. Before the crisis, remote work programs were implemented by fewer than 50% of companies, this is according to a survey conducted by industry analyst Josh Bersin . 

The sudden move to home working means HR professionals now rely on effective online tools to keep going with their work. 

Grievances, disciplinaries, absence, sickness and other “routine” HR cases need to be effectively managed during this new way of working. Doing the right thing at the right time matters.

Woman remote working

Ensuring HR casework can be managed efficiently and securely, wherever your team may be, has never been so vital.

One of the biggest HR challenges is the difficulty coordinating response across teams, business units and geographies. 

This is particularly an issue for the many HR departments still reliant on spreadsheets to manage HR cases. Spreadsheets can be unwieldy at the best of times, but this is a real issue when multiple team members are trying to access and update them from diverse locations.

We were already seeing a technological shift in the HR function to take advantage of more efficient and collaborative ways of working.

What will the lasting effects of the pandemic be on HR case management practices?

Now is the time to innovate, to “transform your conventional HR practices, embrace this new way of working, and come out of the crisis stronger and more agile than ever before!” as highlighted in response to Bersin’s survey.

How can we at Workpro help?

Our cloud-based case management technology is ideally placed to help with confidential, time-sensitive HR cases:

  • All cases can be recorded in a centralised online system 
  • All case related documents and actions can be co-ordinated from one place
  • The system can be accessed from any internet-enabled device 
  • Industry standard authentication methods ensure you can determine exactly who can see and/or edit a case
  • Realtime dashboards allow you to track exactly what is happening with your organisation’s caseload
  • Alerts and reminders ensure nothing is missed
  • Authorised team members can see exactly what has or is to be done on a case, by whom and when.
  • If someone is absent, another team member can pick up their work if needed.

Workpro HR is specifically designed to manage timescales, processes and documentation associated with a whole range of HR case types.

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