Keeping the ‘human’ at the centre of human resources

It was clear to see at the CIPD conference in Edinburgh that initiatives to promote staff wellbeing and retention are a key priority for HR teams this year. Keynote speaker Peter Cheese, chief executive of the CIPD, talked about how recent crises have presented an opportunity to change the way things are done and reinforced the need to put the ‘human’ back at the centre of human resources. 

Off the back of a difficult few years, multiple exhibitors offered innovative solutions to help maintain staff physical and mental health, as well as employee benefit and mentoring offerings. There were even Fun and Fit Bikes that power a smoothie maker!

Digital transformation opportunities also featured strongly throughout the day. These two themes are not incompatible! As a technology supplier, we believe it is possible (and necessary) to implement IT solutions that allow space for the human touch.


Technology that supports you to support your people

We supply case management software for employee relations issues (What is HR case management?). It is used for important career events - from grievances, disciplinaries and performance management, to long-term sickness or child-related leave. Emotions are often high, people can feel vulnerable, and correct procedures must be followed. There is a risk when implementing technology, that organisations forget the people served by the solution. We have probably all experienced the ‘computer says no’ scenario and how frustrating that is!

Equally, technology offers a huge variety of benefits – case management software can deliver improved consistency, increased productivity, faster results and reduced costs. The data collected also provides rich insights into employee relations. Where and when are most absences occurring, is there a common theme in grievances? You can use such insights and more to take action that has a real impact on staff wellbeing and retention.

So, automate the aspects of your process that suit automation but leave space for the human touch.

We have previously argued the importance of technology solutions that remember the person at the centre. In a previous blog for Executive TV, we called this ‘considerate automation’.

Considerate Automation

Case management software reduces the workload and stress for everyone involved in a case which ultimately enhances staff well-being. Having a centralised system - keeping the entire case in one place - removes duplication and saves time searching for relevant documents. Workflow technology can guide staff along pre-agreed steps, giving peace of mind that procedures and the law are followed consistently.

‘Considerate automation’ allows you to decide what parts of the process are mandatory - essential data that must be collected for reporting perhaps, or an action that must be taken to comply with legislation – and which elements allow more flexibility so that your HR professionals can apply their knowledge and personalise client interactions.  Considerate automation allows HR staff more time to focus on the individual at the heart of a case.

This isn’t solely a benefit for HR teams. Line managers feel supported to handle their team’s issues more confidently, and employees know there is a process in place which follows the correct protocol, no matter whom they speak to! This ensures all parties feel respected and heard while working towards the right resolution together. Plus, in our post-pandemic era with hybrid working now the norm, it is more important than ever to help staff stay connected. A case management system supports collaboration across teams in a range of locations, making “working together apart” simple to achieve.

Better support for your staff when career issues arise

Workpro HR case management software was specifically designed with input from HR professionals to improve HR casework and reporting. It comes with 20 ready to deploy HR case types but is also configurable to match your processes and business needs.

If you would like to find out more about Workpro and everything it has to offer, book a demo here.