Is your HR team suffocating under the pressure?

HR is dealing with a health & wellbeing crisis thanks to COVID and overworking (HR aren't the only department facing burnout), a cost-of-living crisis leading to wage increase demands and a large number of grievances from employees who have been asked to return to the office.

Dealing with all the extra HR caseload makes it even more stressful when time-consuming, complex HR cases such as grievances, disciplinaries or health & welfare issues come up. These cases are not only the most complex but often have the most severe consequences if mistakes are made by overworked employees. You can learn more about what HR case management is here.

This is why Workpro HR is designed to support HR caseworkers. It is a workflow-based system that makes following your HR processes easier and has a range of time-saving tools that reduce the number of hours required to handle cases.

The system comes with pre-populated  lookups and drop-downs, meaning fewer mistakes, while searches and inputs require just a few clicks. Dashboards show colour-coded traffic lights and an easy-to-read snapshot of an individual's cases or the whole team's, so cases and tasks do not get missed or forgotten.

Man buried in paperwork


The document management features in the system also save time and improve accuracy. Auto populated templates for letters, emails and other documents save time and improve consistency. Emails can be sent directly from and received by the system. All communications relating to the case can be found easily.

Another issue for HR teams is gathering all of the information about a case when required for meetings and even tribunals. Workpro is set up so that all documentation relating to a case can be pulled from the system and bundled together with a few clicks. It can also be easily redacted if required.

Spreading the load

Workpro HR also has reports and dashboards designed to show the caseloads of individual caseworkers, meaning that cases can be reassigned if some team members are more overloaded than others. Because of the workflow nature of Workpro and the centralised documentation, cases can be picked up by another team member at any stage, making time management during sickness or holidays much simpler.

Stop the "great resignation" before it happens

Many organisations are facing an unprecedented level of resignations, which is predicted to continue into 2023. Many factors are causing this, and HR professionals need to be able to communicate any issues to management before it becomes a problem.

A high staff turnover rate adds a huge workload to HR, including hiring and training replacement staff and sorting out left-over holidays and last paychecks for the staff who leave. Prevention is better than cure!

Workpro has a range of in-built reports and the option to create bespoke reports - if it's in Workpro, it can be analysed instantly. Common complaints that crop up in grievances, sickness patterns, one-day holiday patterns and other information can help you spot problems before they get out of hand and help you retain employees. Reports can be run ad-hoc whenever required or set up to be run and sent to management automatically.

If your HR team is feeling the pressure, contact us now for a demo of Workpro HR to find out how we can help you.