Supporting line managers with HR case management

Your business needs to handle every single HR case fairly and consistently. But it’s hard to do and getting even harder – not to mention the host of new challenges that have come with remote access, home working and a squeeze on resources.

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What the recent changes mean

With post-pandemic stress, absence, childcare challenges and possibly performance issues, you could be looking at handling more HR cases than ever before, with fewer staff. Suddenly, you might not realise there’s an HR issue until it’s a big one.  

Many line managers are now expected to handle people issues on top of their day-to-day work. They’re left worrying about how to deal with potentially sensitive cases when they don’t have the experience or tools they need.

On the other side, HR managers are worried they’ll see mishandled cases blown out of proportion. They can’t even be sure they’re getting the full picture across the organisation if HR issues aren’t filed and reported consistently.

Thankfully, there is an easier way. Workpro HR case management software, combined with its new HR Case Portal; Workpro Connect, streamlines everything into one system that gives everyone confidence where it matters most.

No question marks over HR process

For line managers, the biggest concern is handling issues of a potentially sensitive nature without knowing the rules of play. Workpro Connect guides them with easy-to-follow forms to quickly log and track their team’s cases, and to communicate and collaborate securely with HR colleagues throughout the process. And line managers who have confidence in the process are more supportive of employees raising issues.

This matters. Consistency is one of the main factors an employment tribunal considers when evaluating how an organisation has handled a case. With a system that is clear and auditable you can prove that your business has followed the same process every time.

Security at every level

Workpro Connect provides a secure one-stop-vault for all case information, so line managers can instantly access the data they need. They can easily share relevant details – including potentially sensitive info – with HR and other authorised users without any risk of a breach. But they can’t see cases out with their own teams. 

That extra protection is important right now, as remote working can bring new risks. Our secure systems harness the productivity advantages without you having to worry about lax data management.

Track data to avoid bigger costs

Behind Workpro Connect sits the full Workpro HR case management system, with 26 standard case types included. Your professional HR caseworkers will appreciate the flexibility and depth of this tool for managing HR cases that are escalated to them. Every HR case is logged in the same system, either by line managers at the frontline, or directly by the HR team.

With every case and every outcome captured and categorised, your organisation gets oversight that helps to spot trends and root causes in people issues. Dashboards, reports and alerts keep you informed, and reliable data means you can make robust decisions. 

Not only can this save you from making the same expensive mistakes, it can also reduce the number of cases going to tribunal or the media. For an employer, the average cost of a tribunal is estimated to be £30,000, spread across legal fees, staff time and compensation. It’s best to get it right first time.

Reporting is a dream, not a pain

In the old world, you need to collate case information from multiple sources based across several locations, all recorded in different formats.

There’s another way. With all your data in Workpro, you simply set the filters – whether it’s case types or overall numbers – and your report is ready. It’s perfect for HR oversight and helping managers get a handle on live cases.

Keep everyone in the loop

When the process breaks down, employees can feel like their concerns have disappeared into a black hole of bureaucracy. And when an outcome seems unlikely, they can become disenchanted.

When line managers have access to the system, it’s simple for them to provide employees with an update on the status of their case – making sure they feel heard and working towards a resolution together.

Build confidence across the board

Process is at the root of success. And with Workpro in your organisation, you can make sure everyone is happy with the process. Line managers will have confidence handling issues with a system that supports them. HR managers will rest easy knowing that everything is being done by the book. And employees will feel respected and happier knowing every case follows the right protocol.

Empower your line managers. Contact us for a demo of Workpro.