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icon Track every case. Identify themes and trends. Protect data at every step.
FOI & SAR Case management software

Track every case. Identify themes and trends. Protect data at every step.

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Respond swiftly and securely, on every request - with a trusted system that simplifies your process and meets data regulations.


Sensitive data and cases demand a system to match. Workpro gives you complete visibility of case progress and highlights request trends. It also keeps everything completely secure, and is GDPR-compliant.  

Supporting openness, creating trust

Workpro is trusted by major public bodies, including The Office of the Scottish Information Commissioner, The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman for England and The Public Services Ombudsman for Wales.

As standard, Workpro brings a consistently high level of quality to every aspect of your team’s work, thanks to built-in workflows, templates and reporting. It also gives you comprehensive document handling, detailed task management and a powerful search tool.

From information requests to data protection cases, with GDPR compliance built-in, Workpro delivers. And if you need further customisation to fit your organisation’s needs, just ask.

Benefits at a glance

  • Standardise and streamline the request-handling process
  • Track deadlines and tasks, to see who’s doing what
  • Store all correspondence in a single secure location
  • Identify common request themes for publication

Included as standard

  • Information request case types (FOI, EIR)
  • Data protection case types (GDPR, SAR)
  • Targets and alerts appropriate to each case type
  • Templates starter pack for creating letters and emails
  • Standard reports library
  • All customisable and extendable 

Businesses using Workpro

Our customers all share a desire to offer the best possible customer service with the least amount of fuss.

Flexible installation to suit your business

Workpro is now available as Software as a Service or as an On-Premise installation. The choice is yours.

Installation options