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Optimised case management system for better outcomes.

Working with Ombudsman, Commissioner and Regulatory bodies for more than a decade, the Workpro team really understand how to optimise IT solutions that support such organisations.

We help our clients manage ever increasing caseloads (a common issue), reduce costs through better productivity and deliver improved service. Workpro case management system also monitors timescales and goals and demonstrates performance against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The Leading Ombudsman Solution
Our Workpro Ombudsman solution is used to manage cases of all types from enquiries and complaints, to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests and internal/service complaints.  It provides the core business system for the entire Ombudsman/Commissioner organisation - in addition to case workers, Workpro delivers support to contact centre staff, PR departments and Outreach and Policy staff.

Proven Track Record
We have a track record of successfully deploying IT solutions to Ombudsmen and Commissioners internationally in a variety of industry sectors. We have significant experience of the business processes and IT solutions needed to support such organisations.

Configurable, Cost Effective
Whilst no two Ombudsmen’s business processes are identical, our experience is that there are more similarities than differences, allowing us to efficiently implement solutions in a very cost-effective and low risk manner. Workpro Ombudsman is highly configurable and our experienced consultants can work with clients to tailor their solution to suit their specific needs.

“In the six years that HOS has used Workpro as its core casework management system, we have seen an increase in workload and changes to our remit. The Workpro system has proved adaptable and has helped us to deliver improved quality of service, efficiencies and helped us to provide value for money for our member landlords, tenants and stakeholders.”
Martin Colwell, Housing Ombudsman Service.