What features should a good employee case management system have?

ER case management. What features should your HR system have?

Maintaining good employee relations (ER) is more than just the right pay and a nice working environment; organisations must ensure a positive company culture. When career issues hit, employees expect consistent policies and fair resolution, whether it’s long term sickness, child-related leave, grievances, etc.

There comes a point (typically around the one thousand employee mark), when there are just too many issues, and too many regulations. You can’t keep track of every HR case in email inboxes, folders, and spreadsheets.

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So, what is the measure of a good employee case management system?

       1. Management Information (MI)

How many cases do we have in total?  How many on a specific topic?  How many by manager, by region, by time period?  Is this a blip or a trend, and is it rising or falling?  What stage is each case at, and who needs to do what next?

  • Moving to a specialised, online ER case management software will ensure your team has these answers (and more) to hand, wherever they are.
  • Easy to use dashboards and ‘click a button’ reports mean no more hours spent collating data from various sources.
  • Data can be collected in a more consistent way; you can be assured of reliable and up-to-date MI.

       2. ​Compliant workflow

  • A good system ‘hard wires’ rules that must be followed (timescales or procedures), while leaving the professional leeway to keep the personal touch.
  • Alerts and reminders to prompt when timescales are running on.
  • But your caseworkers will need flexibility too - to move back a stage, or re-open a case perhaps – with case-level user permissions controlling who can do what.

       3. Security

  • Encryption and robust user authentication are essential.
  • Two Factor Authentication and Single Sign On options are desirable.
  • The flexibility to grant and deny access to individual cases according to role is a “must.”
  • As is ISO27001 accreditation for the system and for the chosen hosting environment.  

       4. Consistency and control

  • Template letters and e-mails, reference documents and the ability to mark landmark cases for consistent professional response.
  • Task management with time-controlled, highly visible action lists.
  • The ability to share, reassign or escalate cases if needed, with (only) those who are authorised.
  • A complete case summary and audit trail to keep everything visible and accountable.

        ​5. Connectivity and accessibility

  • Most organisations need to connect to payroll and/or a wider HR system so APIs are key.
  • Easy-but-secure information exchange, including the ability to receive and send emails into and from the system.
  • The system must be easy to use, robust and reliable. 
  • And accessible where you are, on the device you have.

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