The Goldilocks of case management systems

The Goldilocks of case management systems | Workpro Casework

Workpro is specialist software for regulated casework. It helps organisations to handle even complex cases well and to be compliant with regulations and their own procedures. Software configured to specific process requirements used to mean a costly bespoke build, but this is not the case with Workpro.

It is perfect for smaller to mid-sized teams whose needs are mostly met with an off the shelf package but who need some fine-tuning to match their processes and systems. Workpro is the midway point between an off the shelf system and a bespoke build, and we can easily and cost-effectively make it "just right" – what we like to call the "Goldilocks" of systems.



The balance between off the shelf and bespoke

A bespoke system is incredibly expensive, and in most cases, a high percentage of the functionality is already available in an off the shelf system. One of the reasons this is so expensive is the need to reinvent the wheel. 

Workpro has been involved in Case Management software since 2003 (see our story here), and we have been able to draw on this experience in our standard products, with most potential requirements covered (see features here). Workpro comes pre-configured with standard workflows, alerts and reminders, document management, and so much more. We have versions for HR casework, complaints management, Financial Services complaints, and FOI/SAR information requests

Our standard Workpro products are designed to be used ‘off-the-shelf’, with default settings that are quickly adjusted to make the system your own. From targets and fields, to lookup lists and templates - Workpro can be fine tuned to match your processes and policies. We train your system administrators to manage these and other Workpro elements themselves. We do also offer bespoke configuration services should you require them now or in the future – Workpro is very customisable.

Value for money

We pass the savings from not having to build a system from scratch on to you. A standard Workpro system for a small team starts at around £6,000 a year for licensing, hosting and support, with a one-off onboarding fee of roughly the same amount.

Compare that to a bespoke system; £6,000 probably wouldn't even get you past the scoping phase. Then consider the money you'll save by implementing sooner – not later. And the reduction in human error and hours-per-case when your Case Management system is this easy to use. Which brings us onto the next benefit – speed of deployment.

Speed of deployment

Once you know that you need Case Management software, you want to be able to get up and running in as little time as possible. The faster you deploy, the sooner you reap the rewards. A bespoke system often takes months or even years to build and implement, whereas we can implement Workpro in as little as 6-8 weeks! Check out our tried and tested 4-step deployment process

Faster upgrades

Then there is system maintenance to consider. A bespoke system needs bespoke maintenance. Workpro, on the other hand, can be upgraded at the push of a button.

Because Workpro uses a platform approach, where the standard product is the base platform with your settings contained in a “configuration layer”, over time we can upgrade and enhance your system quickly and easily. We can roll out new versions at the platform level at the push of a button while retaining any “bells and whistles” you may have in your configuration layer.

Deployment process

Our experienced Workpro Implementation Team follows a tried and tested 4-step deployment process to deliver this " Goldilocks " system. This makes sure that you get the system that's just right for you!


A kick-off meeting to review project scope and agree implementation plan. We set up your Workpro instance in our hosted environment, using the standard product configuration with your chosen security and email settings.


In one or more workshops we walk you through Workpro, discuss your processes and help you map them to Workpro. We conduct system administrator training sessions to ensure your administrators can customise lookup lists, templates and field captions to suit your business. We conduct user training sessions to ensure your case workers are confident and competent with the main system features.

If you have selected our optional configuration service, we work with you to understand your requirements and deliver any non-standard functionality. You will conduct user acceptance testing to confirm we have delivered as agreed. This option can include bespoke configuration, integration or migration services. Building on the standard

product platform ensures we can do this efficiently and cost-effectively. Quotes will be provided and timelines agreed prior to this work commencing. See Optional Services.

Go Live

We release your live Workpro system for operational use and close the onboarding project.

Handover to Support

We transition you to our standard support and maintenance service. Finally we conduct report writer training – using real data from your new system optimises results.


Your involvement

We liaise with your nominated staff to ensure your system meets requirements. Our platform approach helps us to keep demands on their time to a minimum. If you would like an idea of what to expect, contact us for a copy of our Workpro Deployment Overview.