Save time with HR case management software

Save time with HR case management software | Workpro Casework

Reducing the time it takes to process HR cases reaps enormous rewards. Faster resolution of issues, reduced frustration - all contributing to increased employee wellbeing.

One of our clients made an enormous saving by replacing their Excel spreadsheet with our HR case management software. A process that previously took 15 minutes is now taking only 45 seconds.

Not only that, managers are spending less of their time chasing up actions and missing information. The system guides users through the correct process, prompting them to collect all the required data and providing reminders and alerts when responses are slow to materialise.

The old saying stands true for this client - time equals money – so all the above is reducing costs while galvanising confidence in their processes.

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Here are just 5 ways HR case management software will save you time:

1.       Faster logging and updating of cases – Lookup lists auto-populate case details where possible, while prompts help staff to quickly and accurately record information.

2.       Easier collaboration – Staff can share information and allocate tasks, allowing them to more effectively coordinate all case activity.

3.       Consistent case handling – Processes are clearly structured so cases are handled the same way (according to their type), with fewer mistakes to be rectified.

4.       At-a-glance visibility of case status – Managers can instantly see what is being worked on, by whom, and where issues are arising, so they can focus in on what needs their attention.

5.       Much quicker to produce reports – Managers will see a huge saving in time spent producing reports.  Instead of the difficult task of pulling together information from several spreadsheets and other disparate sources, all case data is held in one system and neatly categorised ready for reporting.  Routine reports are produced automatically on schedule, plus ad hoc reports on demand.

Workpro gives you complete control of your case management process. Complete, at-a-glance visibility of progress on every single element of every single case. All designed to free you and your team to provide the service your customers and employees deserve.

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