New Workpro Functionality – Performance Improvements

New Workpro Functionality – Performance Improvements

Enhancements in the latest version of Workpro include a performance boost from load balancing. This new functionality is currently undergoing final testing. It requires the new version of Workpro (5.41) which will be rolled out shortly.

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Load Balancing & Scalability Improvements

We have added load balancing capabilities to Workpro. This will enable customer systems to scale across multiple web servers, providing a significant boost to performance and reliability.

Currently, Workpro Public Cloud systems use an active server, with a “warm” standby server for backup. Following this change, both servers will be active with client systems load balanced across them. This will provide:

  • Dynamic load balancing using load-management algorithms to direct requests to the server which will give best performance.
  • Virtually seamless recovery in the event of a web server failure.
  • Improved availability.
  • Reduced downtime as we can take a server offline without impacting the service, and can also provide operating system upgrades during the working day.

Workpro clients who have their own web front end currently will continue to benefit from a dedicated environment but with resources spread across two (or more if required) machines.


If you have any questions regarding these new (or any other) features in Workpro, please contact us.