Reduce pressure through HR case management software

Many HR departments report being overstretched and stressed by the pressure of unpredictable workloads – often without effective systems to help them. Almost every other profession uses tailor-made software to simplify their tasks and improve efficiency. Why should HR be any different?

Our HR case management software provides:

  • One system to store all cases
  • Flexibility to handle different case types
  • Automated documentation
  • Embedded workflows that guide users through the process
  • Reporting and monitoring tools.

Man buried in paperwork

Business benefits of HR case management software

Workpro HR makes complex casework easier to manage, including grievance, disciplinary and employment tribunals. But it does much more than just alleviate pressure – it drives efficiencies and savings for the business as a whole.

Just a few of the big-picture benefits:

  • Compliance assured – configurable workflows guide users through the process. No steps are missed, and you reduce the risk of non-compliance.
  • Quicker resolutions – nothing falls through the cracks. With automated reminders and the process defined, staff are empowered to resolve cases faster.
  • Security – unlike spreadsheets, our software has sophisticated encryption to keep everything secure, so there is no chance of breaches and subsequent fines.
  • Greater productivity – often the HR department is a small team of people who are responsible for dealing with thousands of other staff. Reducing pressure makes them happier and more productive.

A simple solution

While many HR departments are still using inefficient systems like spreadsheets to handle complex employee relations case work management, there is a better way.

With HR case management software, you no longer need to remember deadlines, file piles of paper which can easily go missing, or constantly double-check due process to make sure all the legal boxes are ticked. Workpro HR takes all this stress away, so your team can be more efficient.

Ready to try it? Book a free online demo today or contact us to find out more about how Workpro HR Case Management software can save you time and money.