Reduce tribunal costs with consistent HR case management

Reduce tribunal costs with consistent HR case management | Workpro

Consistency is one of the main things an Employment Tribunal looks at when assessing how an organisation has handled a case. They want to know that the correct process has been followed - whether this employee has been fairly treated.

They also look at whether the process you used is relevant for your industry. One size does not fit all in their book. Have you done the right thing given acceptable practice in your industry?

Could you prove this?

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It’s important because tribunal claims are increasing and therefore so is your risk.

Employment Tribunals in the UK have seen a significant increase in cases in recent years, largely due to the removal of tribunal fees in 2017. This surge has resulted in substantial pressure on the tribunal system, leading to notable backlogs.

The demand on tribunals is expected to continue growing, with harassment cases being a prominent factor. As a result, reputational risk has become a critical concern at the board level in many organisations.

The potential cost from a tribunal claim is also huge. The average cost of a tribunal is estimated to be £30,000 to an employer, considering legal fees, staff time and compensation – much more if a replacement has also to be recruited.

Take action to mitigate risks

The best way to mitigate your risk is to ensure your organisation has a superbly documented process that has been consistently applied.

But given the pressure most HR teams and business managers are under, it is not always easy. Even the basics can trip employers up. ACAS found 7 out of 10 companies do not have procedures to record that Informal meetings have taken place – just one example.

HR teams are relying on a combination of spreadsheets, out-dated systems, experience and memory.

  • But what happens if a key individual is off for any reason, and a vital e-mail is in their in-box?
  • How do you ensure key evidence is recorded?
  • How easy is it to collate case information?

The benefits of a modern HR case management solution

A modern HR case management solution will give you the consistent process needed to guarantee every employee is treated fairly and law is complied with.

Workpro HR case management software will help you:

  • Guarantee agreed process is always followed. Built-in workflow guides users through process steps. Ensuring every case is handled the same way.
  • Avoid process pitfalls. Targets and tasks prompt action ensuring nothing is missed. For example, acknowledgement letters are always sent.
  • Prove compliance. The system logs who did what, when, in a chronological audit trail within the case record. Essential should you need to monitor or prove how a case was handled.
  • Collate evidence. All correspondence and documentation is stored in the case record. You can quickly bundle it together if needed, e.g. for tribunals.
  • Standardise communications. Templates ensure professional documentation and correspondence is produced at relevant process stages.
  • Improve reporting. Lookup lists ensure data is categorised and recorded consistently. Vital for meaningful reporting and analysis.
  • Spot trends. HR directors need to understand trends that will impact their organisation. Workpro collects a wealth of data that can be used to highlight trouble spots, identify risk and pinpoint areas for improvement.  

Workpro promotes consistency and compliance in case management. Everyone knows exactly what needs to be done next, by when and by whom.

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