Forget spreadsheets. Here is a better system for complaint handling

Why spreadsheets aren't good for complaints handling | Workpro

Many companies start out using spreadsheets to record complaints. But spreadsheet-based systems cannot cope with the complexities of modern complaints management.

The drawbacks of spreadsheets

Over time you will find the spreadsheet grows arms and legs (well, column after column) with:

  • Too many people trying to access it simultaneously
  • Case-related correspondence and evidence stored in files and systems in various places
  • Time-consuming to update, it becomes a nightmare when you need to aggregate information and produce reports.

And your team will need to have good memories, because a spreadsheet won’t help them follow policy correctly:

  • Some complaints only require a quick remedy, others need in depth investigation.
  • Risky cases need to be identified early (perhaps a vulnerable person is involved, or an issue is high profile).
  • And it’s important all customers receive consistent, fair and prompt treatment.

Employees discussing processes

Why does this matter?

How you handle the complaint will determine whether that customer stays with you, whether they become an asset or a liability.

Complaints are an invaluable source of customer insight. By learning from what has not gone so well, you can improve your products, services and processes.

Build rigour and oversight into every part of your process.

Dedicated complaint management software will transform the way you deal with customer complaints. Solid workflows, clear templates and powerful reporting will put you in charge of every part of every process.

4 ways our Workpro software helps:

1.  It makes it easier to record and collate complaint information

Everything to do with a complaint is stored in one, secure place. All documentation, activity and outcome information is quickly accessible and manageable from one system. Lookup lists make data input quicker and more accurate, and you can easily link cases together. Sensitive data is more secure, with access restricted to authorised users and an audit trail is kept of every action taken.

 2.  It improves productivity, guiding staff through the correct process

Know exactly what needs to be done, when and by whom. Workflow can be adjusted to match your policies, and with built in alerts and reminders to prompt action, complaints are always handled within agreed timescales. Templates keep correspondence clear, professional and compliant. You can see case progress through every stage, or the system highlights the lack of it.

3.  You can be confident that you are in control at every step

Everything in the system can be monitored and analysed, instantly and in-depth. Data is properly collected and categorised throughout the process, and performance tracked against KPIs. Dashboards let you see at a glance what is going on and what needs your attention. Produce reports at the push of a button or use the reporting tools to slice and dice the data any way you want.

4.  You can more easily identify areas for improvement

Detailed analytics help you identify root causes of complaints. Monitor outcomes to ensure your service is effective and efficient. Spot common themes or trends to inform product or process improvements, highlight training needs and add vital detail to team reviews. Relax knowing the system is keeping your process compliant - and you will be alerted if something needs fixed.

Customer complaints are valuable. With Workpro, your team won’t simply administer complaints. You'll track performance, learn from feedback and refine processes. 

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