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Workpro is on G Cloud 11

We are pleased to announce that Workpro has been accepted on the G Cloud 11 framework, available on the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace. 

2 July 2019

All Workpro product variants are available on the UK Government G Cloud 11 framework. Offering secure, accredited, UK based cloud hosting from a trusted procurement route.

Suppliers on G Cloud are carefully evaluated during the tender process and pre-agreed terms and conditions offer customers sound contractual safeguards.

The following Workpro Software as a Service products are available on G-Cloud 11:

Workpro Complaints Management System

Workpro HR - employee relations case management system

Workpro Requests - FOI, EIR and SAR case management system

Workpro Casework - case management system

We also offer Workpro Implementation and Support Services on G-Cloud 11:

Workpro Case Management Cloud Support Services

The G Cloud framework can be used by organisations across the UK public sector including central government, local government, health, education, devolved administrations, emergency services, defence and not-for-profit organisations.

The framework is managed by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS). CCS is a public sector organisation working on behalf of the public sector to save money for the public sector and the taxpayer.

Book a free online demo today. Or contact us to find out  how Workpro software can transform your management of customer complaints, information requests and HR employee cases.