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Why Workpro

10 reasons why Workpro will help your business

Put things right & restore goodwill

Everyone understands, things go wrong sometimes; it is how an issue is then handled that matters. Workpro delivers a clear, fair workflow process that reduces frustration and increases trust to prevent customers from simply walking away.

Learn from issues & improve

Those pesky issues are actually an asset! Workpro is a valuable source of customer intelligence. Trend and root cause analysis helps you to nip issues in the bud, spot any recurring problems and identify business improvements.

Keep better track of casework

Scared of dropping the ball? Everything to do with a case - all activity, correspondence and documentation - is safely stored and managed in Workpro. Alerts and prompts keep things right, ensuring nothing is missed and deadlines are met.

Reduce your costs, increase profits

Time costs money so early resolution is vital. Workpro helps you quickly deal with simple issues, while priority casework is escalated. Workpro is designed to streamline the case handling process, removing duplication and reducing the admin burden.

Improve productivity - uphold service

Workpro's workload management tools ensure everyone knows exactly what needs to be done, when & by whom. Workpro increases case throughput & improves response times, helping busy teams to stay on top of their caseload & add more value.

Be more efficient - do more with less

Increasing case volumes and complexity, combined with static or reduced manpower, is a common headache. Workpro's performance monitoring tools help managers to better assign squeezed resources, while monitoring outcomes.

Reduce risk & prove compliance

Workpro reduces your risk of fines or litigation by ensuring agreed, best practice procedure is always followed. The full story of a case is captured, including a chronological audit trail, providing transparency, accountability - and peace of mind.

Prove your team's value

Workpro provides all the management information you need, to assess effectiveness and efficiency. Dashboards, drill through reports, scheduled or adhoc reporting - Workpro's reporting tools are as simple or as sophisticated as you need them to be.

Ensure communications are top notch

Professional correspondence is essential to good service. Workpro includes standardised document & email templates for consistency and quality, and all communication happens from with the system for convenience and speed.

Protect sensitive data

Workpro security features ensure sensitive data does not get into the wrong hands. Company data retention policies can be built in, to comply with data protection rules.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I have a free trial?

We would be delighted to arrange a demonstration of Workpro at any time. This can be done over the web at your convenience. We are also happy to arrange free trials. Please click here to arrange a demonstration.

Is Workpro available as a cloud, hosted product?

Yes. Workpro is available as a hosted service, or as an on premise system as preferred.  Different configurations of cloud hosting are available, allowing you to tailor the level of security and resilience to meet your business needs. For more information click here.

What about on-premise options?

Workpro can be supplied as an on premise installation if preferred. Workpro runs on ‘standard’ servers and does not need the support of a large in-house IT department. We have a number of easy to deployment options, including Workpro pre-installed on a server,

What quality management procedures do you follow?

We follow high standards in our policies and procedures. Our accreditations include:

  • ISO 9001 for Quality Assurance
  • ISO 27001 for Information Security
  • ISO 14001 for Environmental Management
  • Cyber Essentials
  • Investor in People (Silver)


Can I buy Workpro through the G Cloud UK Government Framework?

Workpro is available on the G Cloud 9 purchasing framework for UK public sector bodies. We have three services listed: Workpro Complaints and Case Management System, Workpro HR Employee Relations Case Management System, Workpro Case Management Cloud Support Services.

What about GDPR?

Workpro's newly updated file management facilities aid compliance with data protection legislation. Encryption of Data at Rest is included as standard with hosted Workpro in line with GDPR requirements. The standard Subject Access Request case type in Workpro (used for FOI, DP and EIR cases) is currently being extended to include GDPR information requests.

Can I change my solution later on?

Yes. We offer flexible solutions, from licencing to configuration. Workpro is designed to be scalable and adaptable, and the core functionality can be built on at any time using our Customisation and Integration Services.