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icon Track progress. Standardise workflow.  A single system for all your casework.
Case management software

Track progress. Standardise workflow. A single system for all your casework.

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Gain complete control over your workflow with one system. Benefit from improved efficiency and assured compliance on every case.


Workpro is designed for casework from the ground up. Everything is in one place – easy to track, report and improve. Duplicate effort is a thing of the past. And you’re now completely in control of every part of every process.

A single source of the truth

Spreadsheets have many strengths – but handling complex casework isn’t one of them.

Workpro replaces your separate, unconnected systems – giving you a single view of your organisation’s entire caseload. Everything is designed to deliver consistent, transparent results, built on solid workflows, clear templates and powerful reporting.

Even document management gets a productivity overhaul – with a single, secure and searchable repository for all your casework data, and full integration with Microsoft Word.

Benefits at a glance

  • Confidence and control, from a dedicated casework system
  • Identify non-conformance and root causes 
  • Store every document in a single, secure location

Included as standard

  • Three-stage workflow, adaptable to your process demands
  • Targets and alerts adjusted to match your KPIs
  • Templates starter pack for creating letters and emails
  • Standard reports library
  • GDPR-compliant information requests (FOI, EIR and SAR) 
  • All customisable and extendable


Businesses using Workpro

Our customers all share a desire to offer the best possible customer service with the least amount of fuss.

Flexible installation to suit your business

Workpro is now available as Software as a Service or as an On-Premise installation. The choice is yours.

Installation options