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Used and Trusted by:

NHS Digital
Maritime and Coastguard Agency
Birmingham City Council
Medway Council

Take Control Of Your HR case management

To deliver effective frontline services, your organisation needs the support of a well-equipped HR department, capable of managing complex cases and empowering an increasingly- stretched workforce.  

Our software brings clarity and empowers your team, providing a central ‘source of truth’ for all HR cases and ensuring that you have all the tools needed to manage everything from performance reviews to absences. 

Our software prioritises usability and operational efficiency – saving you time, reducing errors and protecting your organisation from harm.

A full suite of reporting tools ensures that you’ll always have full visibility of important trends, and optional modules allow you to delegate management to frontline managers without losing the ability to intervene where necessary.


"The team members are absolutely delighted with Workpro. They have picked up using the system brilliantly. It is intuitive and user friendly and you can easily work through the steps."

Financial Services


"Workpro empowers us to do the things we need to do as an organisation and as individuals. It mirrors our approach to casework."

Social Housing


"The Workpro team supported us to make our system as straightforward and simple to use as it can be, yet flexible enough to adapt to our changing business needs."



"Compared to the emails and spreadsheets we had before, Workpro provides us with the order that we need and the focus on enquiries. Ultimately it helps us provide support to our colleagues in the business which is what we are here to do."

Financial Services


"Workpro is easy for our team to navigate. The product is also highly customizable, allowing us to reflect how we want our workflows to operate within the system."


Driving Digital Transformation

Cloud-based case management software

Your role is multifaceted. You have to balance the need to support staff with the need to promote organisational resilience, and to ensure that cases are handled in a manner that’s fully  compliant with all relevant government or public sector standards. 

To exacerbate matters, you’re fighting a plethora of emergent challenges. Cases are becoming more complex, you’re managing a distributed workforce that may be spread across multiple departments or locations, and there’s mounting pressure on your budget to contend with.

The spreadsheets or unspecialised systems many rely on simply won’t cut it, but Workpro is different. 

Designed to increase operational efficiency and improve outcomes across the board, our cloud-based case management software focuses on enabling your team to deal with all HR case types quickly, efficiently and without error. 

It interfaces with 3rd party systems, creates robust audit trails and allows you to collate all relevant evidence against a specific case file. It’s also highly-customisable, allowing you to modify everything from available case types to the individual fields available to frontline staff. 

Developed in collaboration with HR caseworkers, Workpro is used by public sector bodies like Birmingham City Council and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. We’re confident that it’s the right tool for any organisation looking to improve service delivery, and better support employees. 

HR case management software

Benefits at a glance

  • Eliminate inefficiencies in the handling of HR cases
  • Track every case and ensure consistent handling
  • Highlight risks before they become problems
  • Organise important evidence and keep information secure
  • Identify trends and analyse root causes for improvement initiatives.

An all-in-one solution

Get up and running quickly

  • 20 configurable HR case types
  • User dashboards
  • Alerts and reminders
  • Letter and email templates
  • Standard reports library

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Designed for HR Professionals

Clear and intuitive case tracking

With a built-in standard reports library and flexible report writing tools. Well categorised data ensures accurate, meaningful reporting.

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Key features

Log & track all casework

Respond &

Management information

Security & maintenance

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Used and trusted globally

What our customers say

"It has been such a smooth transition from scoping, through training to launch. The system has been so well received by our case handlers. And any snagging, which there inevitably is, has been dealt with in a timely manner. It’s a big thumbs up from me!"

Stephanie Dunn, HR People Services Manager, TSB Bank.


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