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Take Control Of Your HR case management

In the Financial Services industry, HR teams shoulder a great deal of responsibility. Like all departments, your activities are heavily regulated and every case needs to be handled in a manner that’s compliant with a wide range of standards. 

You're also responsible for supporting your employees, and your ability to effectively manage a broad range of different HR case types has an immediate bearing on employee satisfaction and retention rates. 

Managing all of this can be challenging, but Workpro is designed to ease some of the burden.

It acts as a secure and centralised hub for all of your HR cases – prioritising usability and efficiency for department managers and HR colleagues alike. 

It also features the tools required to guarantee operational oversight and ensure that all cases are reported to the appropriate regulators where necessary. 


"I don’t think the transition of the new HR structure would have been as successful without Workpro. It has been key to the success of that. We would be lost without it now!"

Financial Services


"The team members are absolutely delighted with Workpro. They have picked up using the system brilliantly. It is intuitive and user friendly and you can easily work through the steps."

Financial Services


"Compared to the emails and spreadsheets we had before, Workpro provides us with the order that we need and the focus on enquiries. Ultimately it helps us provide support to our colleagues in the business which is what we are here to do."

Financial Services

The Smart Way To Manage HR Cases

Anticipating The Needs Of The Financial Services Industry

You work in a dynamic environment. The introduction of new regulations can dramatically alter the way that you need to track and record cases,  and there’s no shortage of emergent trends to be aware of.

From workplace bullying to inclusion or equality issues, employee engagement or breaches of the Duty: Your job demands that you maintain visibility and control over an endless stream of increasingly complex and sensitive cases.

The move to a hybrid or remote working environment only adds to the challenge. Spreadsheets or unspecialised systems simply cannot keep up with the demands placed on busy HR teams operating in the Financial Services industry.

Luckily, Workpro is cut from different cloth. Refined over the years we’ve spent working with several Ombudsman organisations and groups like TSB Bank, it's intuitive and highly-adaptable; interfacing with 3rd party HR software to provide a ‘single source of truth’ for all of your HR cases.

Workpro is also designed with compliance in mind; it creates audit trails for all cases, allows you to link related incidents and provides a wealth of customisable dashboards that can be tweaked to ensure that you can quickly create the reports needed to meet your commitments.

In fact, everything about Workpro is fully customisable – from the categorisation lists used to sort your cases, through to the form fields that frontline workers will use to record pertinent details. It’s also designed with security in mind, and is fully GDPR compliant. 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that’s designed to help you improve outcomes for staff and your organisation, improve operational efficiency and ease the burden of legislative compliance, we’d encourage you to get in touch today.

HR case management software

Benefits at a glance

  • Eliminate inefficiencies in the handling of HR cases
  • Track every case and ensure consistent handling
  • Highlight risks before they become problems
  • Organise important evidence and keep information secure
  • Identify trends and analyse root causes for improvement initiatives.

An all-in-one solution

Get up and running quickly

  • 20 configurable HR case types
  • User dashboards
  • Alerts and reminders
  • Letter and email templates
  • Standard reports library

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Clear and intuitive case tracking

With a built-in standard reports library and flexible report writing tools. Well categorised data ensures accurate, meaningful reporting.

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Key features

Log & track all casework

Respond &

Management information

Security & maintenance

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What our customers say

"It has been such a smooth transition from scoping, through training to launch. The system has been so well received by our case handlers. And any snagging, which there inevitably is, has been dealt with in a timely manner. It’s a big thumbs up from me!"

Stephanie Dunn, HR People Services Manager, TSB Bank.


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