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Industry standard Microsoft technology base.

Workpro is a web-based case management application that has been designed and implemented using the Microsoft technology stack.  This approach was selected in order to provide a well-proven technical environment, as well as a cost-effective, scalable solution to ensure investment protection for our customers.


Microsoft Integration

Workpro integrates with all the key Microsoft Office products, providing a seamless interface for users working on cases e.g. writing Word letters, communicating with stakeholders using Outlook email etc.


Multiple Device Support

Workpro has a responsive design and can run on any standard web-enabled device.  It has no more significant bandwidth requirements than accessing other online applications.


SQL Server Reporting Services

Workpro uses SQL Reporting Services, a richly featured graphical or tabular reporting environment for report generation (note - other report tools can also be used).  The report writer is very user friendly for users with limited IT expertise and allows system users to gain access to the data they require for decision making.


Access security

Access to Workpro or certain cases is restricted according to your company policy, protecting sensitive data. Workpro is extremely configurable in setting user security roles and controlling who has access to data. User permissions and security settings are maintained by you.


On-Premise Option

Workpro can be supplied as a hosted solution or as an on premise installation as preferred. Workpro runs on ‘standard’ servers and does not need the support of a large in-house IT department for its implementation and support. On-premise options include:

1. Standard installation on existing infrastructure;

2. CAS supplies Workpro pre-installed on a server;

3. CAS supplies Workpro as a Virtual Appliance*, pre-configured and ready to install on client infrastructure (*An easy install option which uses Microsoft Virtualisation Technology. Please contact us for more information). 


Cloud Hosted Option

Workpro is also available as a hosted service.  Our preferred hosting partner is iomart plc, although we also have extensive experience of working with other managed service suppliers.  Iomart is a UK based cloud company with wholly-owned secure data centres in 8 UK locations, and more worldwide.  Different configurations of cloud hosting are available through iomart, allowing you to tailor the level of security and resilience to meet your business needs.  Managed cloud hosting support (provided by iomart plc) is 24/7, 365 days a year.  For more information visit


G Cloud 10 Cloud Hosted Solution for UK Public Sector Buyers

Workpro is available as a cloud hosted service through the UK Government G Cloud 10 framework.  G Cloud is an agreement which can be used by organisations across the UK public sector to procure cloud software, services and support. Suppliers on G Cloud are carefully evaluated during the tender process and pre-agreed terms and conditions offer customers sound contractual safeguards. 

Following the investment we have made in specialised versions of Workpro, we now offer four Workpro cloud software products on the framework: 

Workpro Complaints Management System – efficient complaints, customer feedback and enquiries handling in one integrated system. Includes FOI and Data Protection case types. 

Workpro HR Employee Relations Case Management System – tracks and processes 24 ER case types (e.g. Disciplinary, Grievance, Health and Safety, Absence Management, Performance). 

Workpro FOI DP Requests Case Management System - efficient FOI, EIR, SAR and Data Protection request handling. GDPR compliance features.

Workpro Case Management System - efficiently manages complex casework (e.g. issues, incidents, investigations) in one comprehensive system. 

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