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Three reasons we fear complaints and how to handle them!

by Lynne Campbell | Posted in Complaints management solutions | 21 October 2014

Handling complaints is possibly the most important aspect of customer relations - so why do we fear them so much? A badly managed complaint can lose your business valuable time, resources and customers, and as businesses we often fear them. Do not worry we are here to help!

1.The Unknown

A complaint can point out an area of weakness in your business that you may not be aware of. Complaints can be a daunting subject and are frequently approached with caution. But why should we be so fearful of feedback? Customer complaints can act as a catalyst for action and change within your business. Areas of weakness can be addressed and improved. Sharing these complaints with your business can give your staff an idea of their customer’s experiences thus avoiding complacency. By logging and frequently reviewing customer complaints, you can focus your efforts on the areas that need it most. Knowledge is power!

2.Difficult Customers

Everybody has to deal with a difficult customer at some point in their life. Dealing with those who love to complain is possibly one fear of your complaints management team. Dealing with them in a professional manner, every time, builds their trust.

Know your product and know your processes - and stay true to these procedures. If you promise a call back - call them back! Managing your processes on one consolidated complaints management system can help you do this, and can help you to quickly resolve difficult problems.

Scheduling follow-up emails and/or phone calls can keep your teams up to date with the most important customers to deal with. This will build trust - remember you can use difficult customers as another opportunity to improve.

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3.Complicated procedures.

When logging a complaint, the procedures can often be seen as time consuming and irritating. Ensure your staff are confident with the complaints handling process. By using a complaints management system, complaints can be logged, tracked and processed from phone call to resolution. Staff can gain access to previous complaints of a similar nature, all held within the same system, to give your staff the tools to handle the issue, confidently and efficiently.

Remember your procedures do not have to be complicated - by using a workflow- based system, agreed complaint handling steps are clearly laid out, and key prompts and alerts can be used at specific stages of the process to allow your staff to stay in control.

Workpro Complaints can manage your procedures in one consolidated system, to ensure your staff are confident, productive and efficient. Do not fear Workpro is here!

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