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Good news travels fast- bad news travels faster!

by Lynne Campbell | Posted in Complaints management solutions | 30 October 2014

Traditionally, if a customer received a bad experience from a product or service, they would go and tell their close friends and family. Perhaps no more than a handful of people would hear about it.

Now, with the power of social media, a customer can vent about their experience immediately and to an incredibly large audience.

A famous example is of a musician who had his guitar damaged on a flight with United Airlines. After a difficult complaints process, he and his band wrote a song “United Breaks Guitars” about the incident and posted it on YouTube . Of course it went viral. Click here to view.

When dealing with complaints through social media it is important to write a response to the initial complainant. This allows others to see that you are recognising what is going on, and customers can see previous complaints and how they were handled. It also shows that you are professional and care about customer feedback.

Increasingly we are becoming used to instant responses, so it is important to have your social media monitored. The longer a complaint is left, the worse it is going to become - an angry customer is not a patient one.

The most important thing to do when handling a complaint via social media is to get the customer talking privately. Take the conversation into a private message or email to investigate the complaint further. Engagement with the complainant’s tweet/post/blog could be high and you do not want numerous commentators getting involved.

Finally once your complaint has been successfully logged, managed and resolved, there are two extra things to remember:

1.  Make sure you keep an eye on other comments or threads to the original complaints - other issues may have arisen that you need to deal with.

2.  Remember to thank the customer for their feedback. Do this on the social media channel they originally used, so that others can see you are responsive.  

To ensure all your complaints are handled in the most productive and efficient manner - use Workpro  to log, manage, track and learn from your complaints. 

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