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Four Reasons Why a Complaints Management system works!

by Lynne Campbell | Posted in Complaints management solutions | 25 September 2014

Ever thought that your complaints can be handled more effectively, or had a further complaint due to a poorly managed existing complaint? Having a complaints management system to collate and collect these issues has many advantages…

1. Consolidate your complaints

Often, your company may receive complaints through many different channels; through your customer services team on the phone, or via the marketing team on social media. Using several different databases or ways to record your complaints will reduce efficiency and limit the effectiveness of your complaints handling. One complaints management system that brings together complaints from all departments will allow you to have an overall picture of what is going on in your business. What issues are being complained about most? What channel are your customers using most to complain?

2. Manage the complaint

Don’t just record the complaints- manage them! One consolidated system allows you to manage the progress of the complaint, identify those that need immediate action and work through an issue until it is resolved. By logging and monitoring the complaints, the potential for human error can be reduced, therefore increasing the productivity of your workforce.

3. Consistent customer experience

Ensuring all complaints are handled with the same processes and procedures makes for a consistent customer experience- by standardising processes on one system, each complaint can be handled effectively and professionally.

Managing a complaint effectively will speed up the process, and reduce the potential for repeat complaints. But as we all know, some customers just love to complain. Using a complaints management system gives your workforce the tools to provide accurate feedback to the customer, as to where they are at with dealing with their complaint.  

4. Improving customer experience

By taking the customer through a professional managed process, from complaint to resolution, customer experience can be improved, thus maintaining and potentially improving your overall company reputation. By analysing the data such a system can capture, you can identify improvements for your product or services and therefore improve the experience for future customers.

Complaints are often inevitable; but by managing them effectively, you can learn from them and improve the experience for both your staff and customers. 

Record, monitor and learn from your complaints with the Workpro Complaints Management System.

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