Case management software for complaints and HR case tracking

Know when your cases are on-time and on-track. And when they’re not.

Monitor progress, or the lack of it, with at-a-glance visibility of your entire workflow – including team activity and deadlines. Freeing you and your team to provide exceptional service.

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Complete control of your case management process.

Workpro efficiently handles complaints, HR cases, FOI requests and more - watch our explainer video

Trusted by leading organisations

Our clients gain confidence and control at every stage of the process - with complete oversight of every action by every team member.


"The team members are absolutely delighted with Workpro. They have picked up using the system brilliantly. It is intuitive and user friendly and you can easily work through the steps."

Finance Services


"Our business is looking into complaints and the vast majority of LGO's staff rely on an effective case management system every day, if not every hour. The Workpro team supported us to make our system as straightforward and simple to use as it can be, yet flexible enough to adapt to our changing..."



“Workpro works seamlessly across platforms as a browser-based implementation and is easy for our team to navigate. The product is also highly customizable, allowing us to reflect how we want our workflows to operate within the system. The Workpro team has been insightful and responsive as we’ve adapted the system to our changing needs over time."



"Workpro empowers us to do the things we need to do as an organisation and as individuals. It mirrors our approach to casework. You are free to use your own initiative while keeping to the things that have to be done. It’s so flexible but we can really funnel the use of the system through validation and field labels. Workpro allows us to be as consistent and directive as we want to be."

Social Housing


"The HR team enjoy the greater degree of control Workpro gives them over their workload. The service provided to the business as a result has improved, with easier reporting to line managers on case status for example, as well as reduced turnaround time for case handling."


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Case Capture

Everything is in one place, from web forms to letters.

Document Management

Work directly in Word - or get a PDF detailing the entire case.

Reports & Analysis

If it's in Workpro, it can be analysed, instantly.

Security & Audit

Restrict who sees what. Track every action. Encrypt everything.


Case management thinking.

Is there a better solution to track HR cases than spreadsheets? Yes!
Simon Laxton, Workpro's Business Relationship Manager, explaining Workpro to delegates at the CIPD ACE.

Is there a better solution to track HR cases than spreadsheets? Yes!

Is there a better solution to track HR cases than spreadsheets? The simple answer …

December 9, 2022 2 min read
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at The FCO Conference
Simon Laxton, CAS business Relationship Manager, at the FCO Conference.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at The FCO Conference

Workpro were delighted to attend the Forum of Canadian Ombudsman Conference 2022, …

December 9, 2022 2 min read
Considerate Automation in the People Profession
Banner for the CIPD Annual Conference asking delegates to see Workpro at stand B4.

Considerate Automation in the People Profession

The CIPD Annual Conference 2022 is taking place in Manchester on the 9th-10th of N…

October 13, 2022 1 min read
Keeping the ‘human’ at the centre of human resources
The Workpro marketing team behind the stand at the CIPD Scotland Conference.

Keeping the ‘human’ at the centre of human resources

It was clear to see at the CIPD conference in Edinburgh that initiatives to promot…

September 29, 2022 3 min read

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