Case Study - HR Case Management

TSB Bank

TSB Bank required a new, reliable HR case management system with improved management information and ease of use. They quickly saw a huge improvement in their previous system with Workpro.

Engagement & collaboration, the keys to quick implementation.

Around a third of TSB’s 100-strong HR department work in the people services team, handling payroll, HR systems, and HR operations for more than 6,000 employees. With so much to do – from tracking up to 60 cases at a time to producing regular day-to-day HR support and advice – they need a reliable case management system.

Since adopting Workpro HR in April 2021, five case managers and five team members in advice and guidance have been using Workpro to manage cases and log advice records. In just a few months, they noticed a huge improvement on their previous systems.

Round peg in a square hole

The HR people services team had a case management system, however, it was an IT ticketing system that had been adapted to hold case information. This brought a number of challenges.

When an employee left the company, all records of their information vanished from the system – meaning the team had to find a workaround to avoid losing valuable post-employment data.

The system was also far from intuitive, with no prompts to guide users on what comes next. On top of that, pulling management information was tricky, making the system “next to useless” for any kind of reporting. Something had to change.

Simple, practical insights

When it came to choosing a new case management system, the team were looking for functionality, ease of use and management information capabilities. The standard Workpro HR product met all their needs. As Stephanie Dunn, HR People Services Manager said:

“Our IT system team found the contact from the Workpro team to be excellent – the engagement and experience felt good from the get-go.”

A breeze to embed with our team

We moved quickly to implement Workpro HR for the team. We completed the full scoping, implementation and training piece remotely due to Covid restrictions, adapting our usual process to keep things pain-free for the client. Chris Norris, HR Senior People Services Manager, said:

“It has been plain sailing and straightforward – it’s been great!”

The key to quick, seamless implementation?

  • Early engagement with users – a small team of superusers was involved in the project from the early stages. They took part in business requirement workshops and tested the system to make sure it met their needs.
  • Collaboration on business requirements – the implementation process was collaborative but structured. The Workpro team laid out what users needed to consider before workshops, then adjusted functionality to make sure the system worked for them.

The results to date

The system went live in April 2021. After one month of use, the team found efficiencies in how quickly they can create and access data. They’re also more confident– no more gripes about the session time-outs or lost documents like they experienced on the previous system.

And already the benefits are clear when it comes to seeing comprehensive case histories (ideal for passing cases to a colleague) and the ability to spot trends and analyse cases. The team is planning a full end-to-end review of their case management process, using the data from Workpro to identify areas where they can be more efficient.

The big picture? The team aim to reduce case handling times by 15-20% in the first year.

A happy team

From the beginning of the project,  the response from all the users at TSB has been positive. Stephanie said: “The team members are absolutely delighted with Workpro. They have picked up using the system brilliantly. It is intuitive and user-friendly and you can easily work through the steps.”

The team loves the flexibility that Workpro offers while still making sure everything is done by the book. In fact, TSB is planning to increase the number of users to help manage more complex queries – and you can’t get a more positive review than that.

Ready for a more reliable HR case management system? 

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“The team members are absolutely delighted with Workpro. They have picked up using the system brilliantly. It is intuitive and user-friendly and you can easily work through the steps.”
Stephanie Dunn, HR People Services Manager, TSB Bank.

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TSB Bank operates a network of 290 branches across England, Scotland and Wales. Its headquarters are located in Edinburgh and it has more than 5.0 million customers with over £35 billion of loans and customer deposits. 

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“It has been such a smooth transition from scoping, through training to launch. The system has been so well received by our case handlers. And any snagging, which there inevitably is, has been dealt with in a timely manner. It’s a big thumbs up from me!”
Stephanie Dunn, HR People Services Manager, TSB Bank.

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