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Complaints? Resolve and Learn from them with Workpro.

No organisation likes receiving complaints, but handled properly, they offer the key to business improvement. Workpro speeds up your process for resolving complaints, and helps you use that valuable feedback to make your products and services better.

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Workpro helps you to optimise service and maximise value from complaints.

Workpro is a complete system for the recording, management and reporting of all complaints, enquiries and issues. It is available as an onsite or hosted system

Learn From Complaints
Workpro provides invaluable management information. By analysing complaints and their root causes you can learn from them, then make improvements to products and services.

Do More With Less
Workpro will help you manage increasing complaint volumes, while ensuring compliance with regulation. Improving staff productivity, it reduces time and cost in resolving complaints.  

Be Fair, Be Consistent
Workpro guides staff through a best practice complaint handling process so every customer is handled in a consistent, fair manner. It ensures procedures are correctly followed and timescales met. 

Be In Control, Minimise Risk
Workload and performance management tools keep cases on track and ensure everyone knows exactly what needs to be done, when and by whom. Everything is kept in one place - all stored, secure and searchable.

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About Workpro

Reduce time and cost in complaints handling

Workpro makes it easy and cost-effective to capture, categorise and progress every case. It accepts complaints from a variety of sources, including letter, email, web, text and phone. All essential information is captured accurately and quickly.

Easy Complaint Capture

Increase productivity, focus on good service.

Workpro promotes fast resolution where possible and supports complaint escalation where needed. You can be confident that good, clear policy and process is consistently followed. Caseworkers are supported with productivity tools, while customers experience fair, exemplary service.

Consistent, Effective Casework

Coordinate everything from one system.

Workpro stores and manages the whole complaint story in a single, secure system. Every document, action and contact is stored and visible at a glance. With relevant updates, authorised stakeholders can be assured that a fair and reasonable outcome is in progress.

Coordinated Communication

Invaluable insights improve your business.

Workpro accumulates a host of data that can be interrogated for business benefit. It tracks and monitors trends, the root causes of common complaints and highlights resource issues. Business and regulatory reports can be produced on demand or set to generate automatically.

Powerful Insights & Reports

A solution for every type of business.

Complaints Management image

Complaints Management

Workpro is a complete system for the professional recording, management and reporting of all complaints and customer feedback. A well handled complaint is an invaluable opportunity to turn an unhappy customer in to a loyal one.

Financial Services Complaints Management  image

Financial Services Complaints Management

FCA compliance, enhanced customer service and cost control are sound commercial reasons for choosing Workpro. 

Issues and Service Exceptions Management image

Issues and Service Exceptions Management

Many complaints are the result of service failures. What began as a routine reported fault can snowball if the service failure is not addressed promptly and to the service users satisfaction.

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