Frequently asked Questions

Is Workpro GDPR compliant?

Workpro aids GDPR compliance in a number of ways:

  • The newly updated file management tool supports client record management and document retention policies

  • Encryption of Data at Rest is included as standard with hosted Workpro, and is available as an option for on-premise systems.

  • We have extended the standard case types in Workpro to include FOI, EIR, SAR and DP access requests, with GDPR compliance built in.

  • Users are alerted to the need to verify personal data at key stages in the workflow.


Is Workpro available as a cloud hosted (SaaS) product?

Yes. Workpro is available as a hosted service (in UK based, highly accredited data centres).  Different configurations of cloud hosting are available, allowing you to tailor the level of security and resilience to meet your business needs. For more information click here.

What about on-premise options?

Workpro can be supplied as an on premise installation if preferred. Workpro runs on ‘standard’ servers and does not need the support of a large in-house IT department. We have a number of easy to deployment options, including Workpro pre-installed on a server,

Is Workpro user customisable

Workpro is highly flexible and customisable. Routine configuration (such as lookup lists, templates, user permissions, KPIs) can be done by authorised users. CAS Business Analysts are also available to help with more complex customisation if required. Learn more.

Can I buy Workpro through the G Cloud UK Government Framework?

Workpro is available on the G Cloud 10 framework for UK public sector buyers. Our G Cloud offerings include: Complaints Management, HR Case Management, FOI DP Requests Handling, General Case Management and Workpro Cloud Support Services. Please click here for more details.

What is your pricing model?

Workpro is licenced annually per user. We have different licencing levels dependent on user type (frontline or occasional users versus professional caseworkers and their managers) and offer volume discounts and flexible terms. Please contact us to discuss your requirement.