Environmental Policy

The senior management and staff of CAS are committed to making a positive contribution to environmental issues and the integration of these into our everyday activities. In order to achieve this, CAS are committed to encouraging their staff to undertake the following without compromise to the safety, security and comfort of the working environment:

  • Promoting the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste materials in all working activities to conserve resources and reduce waste disposal.

  • Ensure energy and water is used efficiently in all activities.

  • Monitor and review the effectiveness of our transport policy on a regular basis and encourage the use of video- and tele-conferencing where appropriate to minimise staff travel.

  • Comply with all relevant legislation and strive to exceed requirements where this is practical and appropriate.

  • Endeavour to continuously improve our environmental performance by regularly reviewing our activities and policy and setting new targets to reduce any environmental impacts caused by our activities.

  • Seek to integrate environmental considerations in all business decisions and encourage our suppliers to consider their environmental impact.

  • Provide appropriate training to all our staff and contractors to enable them to successfully implement this policy.

    The Board and staff of Computer Application Services Ltd will continually monitor the business’s environmental performance and take corrective action as required to ensure the aims and objectives are met and that the system delivers continual environmental improvement and continues to comply with ISO 14001:2015.