Lifetime Support and Service

Friendly, approachable IT experts

In order to provide clients with ongoing peace of mind, CAS offer an extensive range of support options - all provided in accordance with ITIL best practice.

Service Level Agreement
Following system acceptance, clients can enter into a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with CAS. The SLA covers maintenance and support activities,  as well as arrangements for system enhancements requests, such as changes or additions to the system.

Product Upgrades and New releases
Workpro is an evolving product and system upgrades are available to our support contract customers. Workpro is built on a modular application framework which supports upgrades to individual building blocks without the need for substantial changes to the application as a whole. Major upgrades may require more extensive investment of time and resources, which would be agreed and scheduled as required.

IT System Maintenance and Support.
A number of our clients have no inhouse IT staff and CAS manages their IT installation (including the IT infrastructure) for them, acting as their de-facto IT department.

Managed Hosting Providers
We also have a number of clients whose system is housed with a third party managed hosting supplier. We are experienced in working with other such suppliers and are known for our pro-active, collaborative approach in such arrangements.

Customer Support

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