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Configuration and Maintenance - User Administration Tools

Administration tools allow many aspects of the solution to be maintained by users with the required access level and training - without CAS input. We aim to put as much as possible under your control. Authorised users can make changes to the following elements, for example:

  • Look-up Lists

  • Categories and classifications

  • Document templates

  • KPIs (targets, thresholds and alerts)      

  • User management (adding and deleting accounts)

  • User permissions (including case level restrictions).

File Management Utility

In addition, Workpro includes a file management utility which supports client records management and document retention policies. This can be important for conformance with data protection legislation (e.g. GDPR).

File management is enabled as standard in Workpro which means that personal data will automatically be anonymised and later deleted (this is configurable). This ensures data is not retained longer than its required purpose dictates.

The file management interface is clear and easy to use. It is designed to allow administrators full control over which documents and cases are targeted at all times during the process:

  • Rules are configurable, to determine which cases are targeted and when.

  • The process can be scheduled and automated.

  • Colour coded tabs and buttons clearly define which processes are scheduled.

  • Targeted cases are presented in a clearly laid out grid with filtering options.

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