Workpro Key Features

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Get at the information you need, quickly.

Workpro accumulates a wealth of information, all in one searchable database.

Search facilities ensure all the information that’s needed, but no more, is delivered at the right time to the right person, supporting staff to make better, well- informed decisions. Workpro essentially creates a hugely valuable Knowledge Base for your organisation.

Quick Search

Staff can easily find cases, or answer a query quickly. Hyperlinks in the search results allow you to go straight to the case or document from that screen.

Advanced Search

The data in Workpro can be queried in any way you want. Workpro forms a hugely flexible and very comprehensive database. Users can tailor search to their requirements and store queries for future use.

Document Search

An important feature is the ability to search the content of a document. Everything in the system is accessible, whatever format it is stored in.

Linked Cases

Cases can be 'related' or 'linked' together. This is useful for combined processing, for example where cases are from the same complainant, or from multiple complainants involved in the same incident. It is also useful for highlighting possible trends, clusters or repeat issues. Linked cases have a stronger bond than related ones.

Precedent Search

Cases can be marked as Precedent or Landmark cases to improve consistency of decisions. Lessons learned can be shared with the team.


Cases can be filtered by product or service line, or chronologically.

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