Workpro Key Features

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Workpro produces a wealth of reports and stats

All data and documents in the system can be interrogated to produce statistics or reports. This ability goes right down to document level. Everything is available for anaylsis.

Automatic, Scheduled Reports

Reports can be automatically scheduled or created on demand. The system is supplied with a number of standard reports and this library of commonly used reports can be built up over time. This helps you to fulfil reporting obligations at minimal cost by reusing templates.

Ad-hoc Report Writer

Ad-hoc reports can also be created at any time. Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services is the default reporting tool, but Workpro can work with the reporting tool of your choice. Training on report writing is available and CAS also provides report writing services

Regulatory reporting

Industry specific solutions include the necessary regulatory reports as standard. For example, Workpro for Financial Services includes FCA compliant reporting at the click of a button.

Multiple report formats supported

All reports can be exported to other applications and formats, e.g. Excel, Word, PDF. Easy to use, drag and drop reporting tools help you create all manner of reports, including graphical, visually pleasing outputs.

Root Cause and Trend Analysis

The Case Outcomes section in Workpro provides invaluable data which allows you to identify trends and analyse root causes. By pinpointing common case types or recurring issues for example, you can see where improvements in your service or product can be made.

Categorisation and Classification 

Categorisation data is collected as part of the workflow, supporting data query. You can "slice and dice" the information any way you want. Categorisation and classification fields (e.g. category of complainant or organisation, outcomes) are supported by look up lists that are client maintained.

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