Workpro Key Features

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Realtime case handling performance monitoring

Dashboards and real-time case and task views track performance. Monitoring can be done by individual case, staff member, team caseload or across the whole organisation.


Dedicated user interfaces are available to reflect different monitoring and reporting needs: Caseworkers, Occasional Users,Team Leaders and Managers. Drill-down facilities allow you to quickly look behind the data, to investigate further.

Automatic escalation and thresholds

Your organisation's KPIs are built in to the workflow so that alerts and thresholds reflect your business targets. These can be changed at any time.

Case Tracking

Various case tracking views ensure managers can track case progress and measure it against set targets. Staff can see exactly what stage any case is at, allowing them to feedback to complainants on progress, or to take over if necessary.

Bottlenecks & Issues

Overdue Task and Overdue Case views allow managers to identify any bottlenecks and issues early on. Case and task re-assignment options allow for the re-allocation of work to address any resource issues.

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