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Workpro Key Features

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Simple or complex, Workpro handles all case types.

Workpro keeps simple cases simple, while providing scope for complex investigations. It comes with 2 case types and 3 workflow stages out of the box, but is highly flexible and customisable. Your unique terminology and processes can all be built in to the system if required.

Multiple Case Types
Workpro can handle multiple case types, from simple complaints or enquiries to more complicated cases, whether complaints, incidents or issues. The workflow followed can adapt to case type.

Light touch options 
Complainants do not need to go through a complicated process if a simple, fast solution is appropriate.  Mandatory information is kept to a minimum to reduce data keying, if quickly logging a simple complaint or enquiry is all that is needed.

High Risk Cases
Cases can be flagged as high risk to be guided down an escalated workflow or for special management attention.

Adapt and Grow
Add case types over time, change names, workflows, targets, thresholds - Workpro adapts with you.