Workpro Key Features

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All case documentation stored in one place

All documentation associated with a case is held and managed in one place. Everything is to hand, ensuring a timely response and that nothing is lost. 

All document types supported

Email, letter, text, phone, scanned items, e-mails, attachments, texts, phone notes etc. The integrated Microsoft document management system means everything is searchable, secure and backed up.

Document Summary

The case record contains a document summary of all incoming and outgoing documentation, all clearly visible and easily accessible from a single view.

Document Preview

A Document Details toggle tab allows users to easily see document information from the Document Summary, including a thumbnail image of the first page, without having to open the document. Document derivation information is also displayed, showing the source of a document.

Automatic generation of key documents

Documents can be generated at agreed stages in the workflow e.g. acknowledgement letters or emails. This speeds up response time and ensures consistency and conformity to guidelines and legislation in correspondence.

Automatic population of templates

Template letters and emails are automatically populated with case data, such as name, address and case reference number. Learn more about templates here.

Document Bundling

Select multiple documents and combine them into a single pdf. This is particularly useful when sharing workloads with external parties.

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