Workpro Key Features

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Mulitple Case Types with Configurable Workflow

Workpro can manage multiple case types, each with their own distinct workflow. This workflow has performance indicators and time limits configured in, to guide users through the correct process for that case type at each stage.

Workpro comes with a starter set of case types to get you up and running quickly, and you can adapt these or add more over time as required.

The built-in case types vary by Workpro application (whether HR, Complaints, Financial Services, FOI DP etc.), based on our experience in these markets and all-important customer feedback.

Workpro is highly flexible and customisable. Your unique terminology and processes can be built in to the system if required, though many customers find the standard solution works well for them ‘out of the box’.

Workpro keeps simple cases simple, while providing scope for complex investigations.

Contact us for more detail on case types for your application of interest.

Light touch options 

For some case types a simple, fast solution is all that is needed. Mandatory information can be kept to a minimum to reduce data keying, if quickly logging a simple complaint or enquiry is all that is needed. Easy to use web forms are also available, for frontline or customer use.

High Risk Cases

Cases can be flagged as high risk to be guided down an escalated workflow or for special management attention.

Adapt and Grow

Add case types over time, change names, workflows, targets, thresholds - Workpro adapts with you.

Process Guidance AND Flexibiity

Some case management systems have very prescriptive workflow which skilled staff can find frustrating. Workpro is unique in the flexibility it allows caseworkers, all within defined boundaries. It ensures key standards are maintained but allows greater autonomy so staff can use their skills to the full.