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Workpro Key Features

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Appropriate process guidance for each case type.

Workflow sensitive to case type, with performance indicators and time limits configured in, guides users through the correct process at each stage.

Multiple, Parallel Workflows
The steps a user follows are driven by the nature of the case type (how sensitive or how urgent for example), and the key thresholds and timescales that are built in to the workflow adapt accordingly. Different case types can follow different workflows.

Guidance where needed, flexibility where appropriate
Workpro's unique flexibility allows employees to use their skills and knowledge within defined boundaries. It empowers people to follow correct process and ensures key standards are maintained. Some staff need more system guidance and will appreciate having defined steps to follow in Workpro. More experienced staff however, will value the greater autonomy Workpro can give them, freeing them up to use their skills to the full. It reduces the frustration a more proscriptive system can cause.

Validation rules
Validation rules ensure mandatory information is captured at defined workflow stages. Alerts highlight any key information that is missing, and cases can only move to the next stage in the process if certain essential actions have been completed.

Flexible, Configurable Workflow
There is no limit to processes which can be modelled in Workpro. The Workflow Configurator is very flexible and will allow adjustments to workflow, categories and case types as your business continues to grow.