Workpro Key Features

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Case and Task Ownership

Users and managers have full visibility of all case activity and status.

Case Ownership

A named person is allocated for every case. This ensures one initial point of contact, so staff know who is responsible for what, and it is easier to keep all stakeholders up-to-date and informed, e.g. feedback on progress.

Case and Task Re-assignment

Workpro allows authorised individuals to re-allocate cases and tasks as required, for example in the case of staff absence.


Tasks are automatically generated at key workflow stages, such as targets for acknowledgements. They can also be created and edited by users as needed:

  • Both automated and manual tasks can be set at any stage in the workflow for a case

  • Tasks have target dates and, optional, reminder dates.

  • Users are able to see their own individual tasks and targets, and those of their team, while more senior users e.g. Senior Officials and Management, can view the status of all complaints at an individual, team or organisational level.

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