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Workpro Key Features

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Adding new cases is quick, further editing easy.

Data input tools ensure accuracy. They minimise keying and avoid duplication of effort, reducing the cost of and time to resolution. They also ensure main reporting inputs are captured for future analysis, audit trails and compliance.

Multiple Channels
Workpro records and manages every case, however it comes in: Phone, letter, email, web, text.

Look-up Lists
Workpro can store all contact information, including Affected or Interested Parties. Commonly used information, such as contacts and organisations, are stored in the central repository so that information does not need to be re-keyed.

Mandatory sections
Validation rules, configured to reflect your business goals, ensure all key case facts are recorded.

Free form text boxes
Allow you to record all the information you want, complete with spell checkers and formatting tools. Good data in, ensures good data out.

Context-sensitive input screens
Users only see what they need to see, reducing time and frustration.