Workpro Key Features

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Alerts, Reminders and Alarms

Highly visible prompts, validation rules and threshold alerts guide staff, ensuring timescales and processes are adhered to. Standard KPIs are built in to the workflow.

Staff receive automatic alerts (including email alerts) of impending tasks, deadlines and any high-risk cases. The system also alerts staff to any mandatory missing information to ensure due process is followed and key data captured.

Workpro can issue auto-generated messages (email alerts), e.g. to indicate that an acknowledgement letter has not been marked as issued.

Validation rules
Standard validation rules ensure all key case facts are recorded, including essential categorisation data and other information defined as mandatory. They ensure main reporting inputs are captured for future analysis, audit trails and compliance. Good data in ensures good data out.

Can be added to any case, for example to make staff aware that a client is hard of hearing or needs Braille.

Traffic light system

“Traffic lights” provide highly visual alerts to highlight priorities and approaching deadlines.

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