When it comes to HR case management, can we keep IT simple, stupid?

It’s a while since I’ve heard the “Keep It Simple Stupid” (KISS) Principle used, but when “it” is literally IT - Information Technology – are things ever simple?  The thought of where to start and how to implement a case management system is a case in point - IT keeps thousands of HR professionals stuck with spreadsheets.  No offence to spreadsheets; they serve well in their own court – and are made to work for all sorts of applications.  Now comes the but …

It looks like “working together, apart” is here to stay.  This highlights both the need for and the benefits of a fit-for-purpose HR case management system that allows access from where you are to what you need.  And keeps everything safe from anyone who should not have access!

Ask for a demonstration of Workpro HR case management, and you’ll see immediately how much more straightforward, more productive, “safe and savvy” life can be.  And you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little budget is required for the ready-for-action HR configuration to be yours.

Keep it simple stupid

Still, we have been told that the question that nags at the back of many minds is how do you get going with such a system?

Ask Workpro’s head of projects, Irma MacLachlan. Drawing on corporate and government project delivery experience. Irma says: 

  • Share a clear understanding of processes and outputs – what do you need to do, in what order and what information must you record, and what do you need to report on from Workpro. 
  • Focus on the 80%. Don’t get hung up on trying to find a convoluted solution to something that only happens once in a while. 
  • Use our standard hosting options. 
  • Have business users involved in the project from the start.

Let IT colleagues see that you are aware of their concerns around adhering to standards and meeting data security demands.  Most are able to help when you stick to recognised standards rather than faddy apps by who-know-who hosted who-knows-where.  Be mindful that it is also part of their job to find any flaws in a plan.  Workpro won’t let you down on these fronts, from security accreditations to business continuity and disaster recovery provisions.

Take a look at our HR case Management page, or contact us here to see how you can keep HR case management simple… smarty!