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Supporting the Vulnerable and People in Crisis

Dealing with vulnerable people is an everyday reality for users of our case management software. An interest in how the pandemic is affecting our customers’ customers, and those around us, led to an informative talk from the Samaritans.

28 January 2021

The Samaritans respond to a cry for help every 7 seconds. Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50. This and other shocking statistics were shared with our team in a talk from the Samaritans yesterday.

Being there when people are vulnerable is a core concept for users of our Workpro case management software. From Ombudsman to HR caseworkers and complaints handling teams – they are often dealing with people at their most stressed.

The link with the Samaritans came about through our interest in how the pandemic is affecting not only our customers’ customers, but also those around us. It really could be any one of us that needs their services. Financial, relationship, health issues – they can hit us all. Supporting our colleagues during lockdown is a key focus for us as a business.

When people are “at the end of the line”, Samaritans offer a non-judgemental listening ear. When people are isolated, possibly self-harming, contemplating ending it all, the Samaritans are there for them.

We were also impressed to learn of their policy and research work – working on systemic and societal issues that fuel vulnerability and suicide. This again resonates with the work our Ombudsman clients do. Many have a remit to learn from complaints in their jurisdiction to end systemic causes of injustice.

If you could make a donation to support this work, or think about volunteering, or perhaps you’d like to learn more about how the Samaritans might help, details are as follows:

Telephone 116123 to get help.

See website to find out how you can be of help.

To learn more about how Workpro case management software supports Ombudsman: read our blog.

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