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HR Case Management

Technology is easing the burden of HR casework management

The New Year will see an increase in spending on cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) technology in the workplace, according to a report. We consider how advances in technology are helping deliver efficiencies in HR  case management.

8 December 2016

The New Year will see an increase in spending on cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) technology in the workplace, according to a report.

Advances in technology are really helping deliver efficiencies in HR casework management and Yvette Cameron, Research Director at Gartner, estimates that spending on cloud-based HCM will exceed investment in in-house systems by the end of 2017.

We believe that technology is impacting the HR function, not only because of the plethora of tools that can be used to aid HR professionals in their work, but due to an increased awareness amongst managers and employees that they serve about the usefulness of technology in day to day work - for efficiency, connectivity and collaborative working. 

Mobile and flexible working enabled by web and cloud technology, considerations around "bring your own device", the drive to paperless offices - all these and more are topics not just for the IT function but HR Directors too.

With the constant influx of new generations into employment just comes further expectation that technology should be used as a partner in the workplace. 

This trend was predicted by Sandy Begbie, Group Operations Director at Standard Life, who told HR Magazine: “Employees expect systems that match their experience as a consumer”.

We believe technology can be harnessed to improve the HR function to provide just such an experience; speeding up processes, providing up-to-date information on demand wherever employees and managers may be, reducing reliance on paperwork etc. 

We designed Workpro HR to help with confidential time-sensitive HR cases and our case management software can improve your service and make more efficient use of your hard-pressed resources, as well as ensuring compliance with Employment Law.

Workpro HR is a specialised case management system with expertly designed processes and standardised features to ensure high levels of service, communication and efficiency. As well as a providing a more organised case load, Workpro HR automatically guides users along agreed workflows and within appropriate timescales. These may be set by the business or by regulation – either way, work load is managed and progress viewed at a glance via “traffic light” indicators.

Workpro HR provides added value as it's specifically designed to manage timescales, processes and documentation associated with a whole range of Employee Relations case types, for example:

• Occupational health and long term sick leave

• Performance management

• Grievance or disciplinary

• Employment tribunals

• Applications for flexible working etc.

A casework system improves productivity by enabling a better and more consistent HR service. Automated workflow, templates and other workload management tools free up time for HR professionals to spend on more lengthy, involved tasks and help cut costs within the HR department. In addition it releases non-HR managers from time spent away from their day jobs in chasing up HR issues, and the improved service can lead to increased trust within the organisation, leading to higher levels of productivity and morale all round.

Workpro HR is available as a cloud-based or in-house system and if you are seeking to improve how you manage your HR casework, we would be happy to provide a free online demo to show you how you could benefit.





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