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Employee Ownership Day 2021

Business resilience is one benefit of employee ownership, as we at Workpro can testify. Our EO Day 2021 celebrations focussed on this theme.

1 July 2021

The 25th of June was Employee Ownership (EO) day. Workpro celebrated with an extra special all-team meeting. Workpro has been an employee-owned company since 2014, and we believe it is a win-win for the company and employees and has made us more resilient in challenging times.

This year’s EO day, run by the Employee Ownership Association, focused on

  • Developing Business Resilience
  • Promoting Employee Wellbeing
  • Delivering Good Governance & Engagement

Developing Business Resilience

Our CEO Ken Naismith updated the team on business performance and plans, including finances and operations. These all-team meetings are a regular feature at CAS, over and above the ongoing daily scrums and regular roundups.

The focus this year was unsurprisingly how we fared during Covid. Covid-19 struck just as our company’s re-invention was reaching critical mass. Owning the business means owning the problem, and the team threw themselves into adapting to “new ways of working”. The team had to do more work for potentially less income so we adapted processes to enable small deployments to be delivered faster, large systems to be scaled bigger and working patterns adapted to offer a wider range of services over more time zones.

From mutually agreed pay restrictions this time last year to a plan for Christmas bonuses in 2021, the team truly bossed the solution! You can read more here: Computer Application Services Ltd (CAS) - Our EO Story | Employee Ownership Association

Learning from another Employee Ownership journey

As a special guest for EO Day, we invited Tony Marks from 20/20 Project Management to tell us about his experience with Employee Ownership.

Like us, 20/20 decided to move to Employee Ownership to address succession planning. As the original directors get closer to retirement age, they have identified that emerging talent and Employee Ownership allows smooth transitioning without having to find an external buyer for the business.

20/20’s EO experience has also been very positive, and Mark told the team how this became very apparent when COVID hit. The entrepreneurial spirit encouraged by Employee Ownership led their team to find ways to make the business work. In a matter of weeks, 20/20 was able to pivot from primarily classroom-based training to virtual and eLearning delivery of its programmes. This was thanks to the total commitment of their teams. The company is now thriving, Tony believes, thanks to Employee Ownership.

What could Employee Ownership do for you?

If your company is considering employee ownership, we would encourage you to explore further. We certainly have no regrets! Feel free to contact Ken Naismith via our Contact Form. He would be happy to share our experience with you.


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