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Complaints Management

Do not fear customer complaints

Organisations that embrace complaints have the opportunity to improve their systems and processes and restore goodwill with their customers - they provide the essential feedback we need.

20 July 2017

Organisations that embrace complaints have the opportunity to improve their systems and processes and restore goodwill with their customers.

Nobody really likes hearing complaints about their services, people or products and it is only natural behaviour to want to deal quickly with any customer issues and then move on.  However at Workpro, experience has shown us that organisations needn’t fear complaints, in fact they provide the essential feedback we need to be able to improve.

This viewpoint was reinforced recently while listening to Peter Tyndall, Ombudsman for Ireland and President of the International Ombudsman Institute, delivering a keynote to the 2017 FCO (Forum of Canadian Ombudsman) /ACCUO Biennial Conference in Canada, where common themes were addressing fairness and making systemic improvements, as well as putting things right.

Mr Tyndall told the delegates from the Ombuds community that complaints should be looked upon as an opportunity to improve systems and processes.

He said: “Look out for emerging trends and potential systemic issues - you can use your complaints process to keep an eye on what’s happening out there. Complaints can provide market intelligence.”

He highlighted the example of the SPSO’s (Scottish Public Services Ombudsman) CSA (Complaints Standards Authority) who have developed a set of standards for public service bodies complaint handling, called Complaint Handling Procedures (CHP). These have been rolled out across the various sectors of public services in Scotland.

Mr Tyndall explained: “The resulting complaints data has given SPSO a hugely important amount of information about failures in public services and therefore the opportunity to address these.”

Workpro’s Ken Naismith points out it is important to 'embrace complaints' and to look for the root cause, as this provides an opportunity to improve complaint handling or other systems and processes within your organisation:

“We have sophisticated data capture and reporting tools in our Workpro complaint handling software that enables organisations to identify root causes for complaints.  This facilitates continuous improvement and allows organisations to tackle the underlying problems that lead to complaints.”

Workpro is a dedicated complaint management system that helps you analyse the root causes of complaints, providing vital insight that allows you to improve your systems and processes - Click here to learn how we can help you today!

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