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Workpro helps HR to take the sweat out of the small stuff ... and the big stuff

by Lynne Campbell | Posted in HR Case Management software system | 23 February 2017
Workpro helps HR to take the sweat out of the small stuff ... and the big stuff

As a busy HR manager you know that you can’t rely on ad hoc systems, such as using spreadsheets to record your casework - the consequences of ‘dropping the ball’ are just far to great and it’s probably causing you stress.

You will soon need to move to a dedicated employee case management system that allows you to gain control by fully tracking all of your Employee Relations complaints and casework.

Workpro is a specialist case handling software that ensures that you follow processes and deliver consistency - even while dealing with complex cases.

It has been developed while working in collaboration with busy HR managers in all sizes of companies and across all sectors of business.

Workpro’s Ken Naismith says: “Our software system makes a routine of the routine, so that the only crisis are true crisis.

“Our case management system has been honed to help busy HR managers to get the most from their limited resources and we’ve worked with professionals to incorporate the tools and features they really need to help them achieve more with less.”

Ken explained that Workpro provides MI reporting tools that allow for ‘overview and not oversight’ and that HR managers can easily demonstrate the excellent service that they are providing to the business by giving visibility to senior management.

Ken added: “Many HR managers have found that Workpro delivers real peace of mind, as they know that there is a robust management system to handle their ever expanding casework load.

“They have decided to take on Workpro and not another member of staff.”

Find out more about how Workpro can help you to achieve more with less, click here to get your demo.

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